Women’s Yacht Racing Fleet of San Diego

The Women’s Yacht Racing Fleet in San Diego has a mission to help produce opportunities which encourage competition, training, and the belief in women’s sailing. The group has held  many different events to help the community. A few years ago it held the “Day on the Bay”. This event was a day where the homeless and at-risk youth in San Diego were given the opportunity to sail for fun. These types of small acts of kindness really make a difference for those suffering in the community.

When seeing pictures of the event i noticed that the WYRFSD was using an interesting method to advertise their event. It looked like a mannequin with some type of mechanism to move the sign around. I looked into the product online and found they were called sign waving mannequins.

After reading about them online I understood why the Women’s Yacht Racing Fleet decided to use the sign waving mannequin. They obviously wanted a sign spinner type of advertising but without sacrificing their budget for it. These mannequins cost way less than a thousand bucks and they could reuse this machine every time they held an event.

This was a one time payment for a sign spinning mannequin that they could use at every event they held. If they elected to use a sign waver they would end up paying thousands upon thousands of dollars. The company linked to above also lets you have a sign for free with your purchase and if you need more they are very cheap to buy.

The WYRFSD helps many people experience activities such as sailing which they normally wouldn’t have access to. This event was just one example of many that the WYRFSD has held for the community. Not only have they helped the community with their events, they have now also shown us a new method of advertising we can all use for our own businesses without breaking the bank.